At the heart of Acta’s technology there is a significant intellectual property portfolio centered around Acta’s Alkaline membrane electrode assembly technology, developed over six years of research and making Acta a world leader on this unique membrane.

Hydrogen production from water electrolysis is expensive and energy inefficient today. Acta’s unique technology solves both these problems. The use of an Alkaline Solid Polymeric membrane eliminates the need to use expensive and rare noble metals and enables the safe production of directly compressed hydrogen without needing additional compressors, which increase the cost of a system reducing the overall efficiency.
Acta’s technology can be also directly connected to off-grid intermittent power sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, to produce a truly clean hydrogen fuel.

Acta’s electrolytic stacks are available in three sizes for industrial production: 250l/h, 500l/h and 1000l/h.
All these systems can be equipped with an optional electronic board, to increase safety and simplifying the integration of the AES with any kind of equipment.