System integrators can buy Acta’s stacks and build their own electrolyser. Acta’s stack range is from 100 to 1000 litres of hydrogen production per hour.

The ideal applications for Acta’s stack range are domestic renewable energy storage, light fuel cell vehicle refueling, telecom back-up power, laboratory and educational applications.

The main advantages of Acta’s stack technology are:
low cost due to absence of noble metals
can be connected directly to intermittent power supply- renewables
can use filtered rainwater
user-friendly containing no dangerous caustic electrolyte
directly compressed hydrogen, means high efficiency
safe, reliable and efficient
easy to integrate

What makes Acta’s technology unique?
Acta has developed an alkaline membrane electrolyser which does not need a noble metal catalyst. This means that it costs only a third as much as typical (acidic) platinum catalyst electrolysers (PEM), the only other type of electrolysers on the market which can create pure hydrogen.
Acta’s unique patented technology make the process of electrolysis affordable, highly efficient, safe and reliable.