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Renewable to power

Acta has developed a fully integrated system, the Acta Power, for turning excess renewable energy into hydrogen and using this hydrogen through a fuel cell to generate electricity when needed. Acta has chosen FutureE as its fuel cell partner in order to offer a solution with the highest efficiency.

The electrolyser allows you to optimize your renewable energy. There is no limit to how much hydrogen you can produce. Hydrogen production also starts at only 300 watts making the systems also highly efficient. The hydrogen, being pressurized at only 30 bar can be stored cheaply in LPG tanks. You can even collect rainwater from your roof and use this to make the hydrogen, making this a completely independent system ideal for remote areas.

The Acta Power offers you a compact solution for your energy needs. With a range of 2kW to 6kW output this system is the ideal size for domestic renewable energy storage.

Why is Acta’s technology unique?
Acta has a unique patented technology making the process of electrolysis affordable, highly efficient, safe and reliable. Acta’s electrolytic stack does not contain any noble metals, allowing for the Acta Power to be a cost-effective solution on the market today.