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Renewable to gas

Power to Gas is an innovative energy conversion and storage solution using electrolysis. Power to gas is used to create and store hydrogen using the excess energy produced by wind and solar. This way the excess renewable energy is not wasted and can be used in different ways:

  • the hydrogen can be put through a fuel cell and converted back to power
  • refueling fuel cell vehicles
  • the hydrogen can be used in a hydrogen boiler to heat water or the household
  • on a large scale the hydrogen can be mixed into the natural gas infrastructure to improve the efficiency of the gas

Acta manufactures and designs the lowest-cost hydrogen generators based on its patented technology. Acta’s electrolysers produce the hydrogen directly from renewables and use filtered rainwater. The hydrogen is produced at 30 bar and can be stored cheaply in LPG bottles at 30 bar.

Why is Acta’s technology unique?
Acta has developed an alkaline membrane electrolyser which does not need a noble metal catalyst. This means that it costs only a third as much as typical (acidic) platinum catalyst electrolysers (PEM), the only other type of electrolysers on the market which can create pure hydrogen.
Acta’s unique patented technology make the process of electrolysis affordable, highly efficient, safe and reliable.