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On site hydrogen production

For system integrators looking to offer back-up power solutions with on-site hydrogen production, Acta offers its full electrolyser range, which can be easily integrated with fuel cells.
Acta’s hydrogen generators can be powered directly from renewables and can use filtered rainwater making them ideal for a completely independent solution for remote, off-grid sites. With no fuel logistics and low maintenance, site visits can be reduced to just once per year.

What makes Acta’s electrolyser technology unique?
Acta has developed an alkaline membrane electrolyser which does not need a noble metal catalyst. This means that it costs only a third as much as typical (acidic) platinum catalyst electrolysers (PEM), the only other type of electrolysers on the market which can create pure hydrogen. Acta’s unique patented technology make the process of electrolysis affordable, highly efficient, safe and reliable.

Acta’s systems are simple and produce hydrogen at 30 bar without the need for mechanical compression. The hydrogen is also dry at 99.995%, without the need for an internal dryer component. These features increase the efficiency of the system giving the systems an all round efficiency of 70%.