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Hydrogen Production

Every time a fuel cell system is sold, demand for hydrogen is created. In most cases it is supplied with a delivery of bottled hydrogen, which creates problems for cost and logistics. Water electrolysis is a clean way to produce hydrogen on-site and allows the user to eliminate logistical costs by producing what you need, when you need it and where you need it. Acta designs and manufactures cost-effective electrolysers based on its unique patented technology, combining the benefits of traditional alkaline and PEM electrolysis.

Acta’s electrolyser technology has an alkaline solid polymeric membrane, allowing it to be used with intermittent energy sources, like with a PEM system, and emitting noble metals due to the alkaline environment. Thus the system has the performance of PEM, at the cost of alkaline.

Acta’s electrolysers can also use filtered rainwater, making it user friendly, especially for remote locations. The hydrogen is produced at 30bar and is dry without the need for mechanical compressor or dryer. The simplicity of the system makes it cost-effective, efficient and reliable. At 30 bar the hydrogen can also be stored cheaply on-site in LPG tanks.

Acta’s electrolyser range is from 100 to 1000 litres of hydrogen production per hour. These sizes are ideal for domestic renewable energy storage, light fuel cell vehicle refueling, educational and laboratory applications and telecom back up power.