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Hydrogen battery

ACTA POWER is a self-recharging fuel cell system.
Designed to be a logistics-free backup power solution powered by renewables that completely eliminates the need for refueling, while dramatically reducing overall operating costs and expensive maintenance visits, thereby saving operators both time and money.

ACTA POWER provides clean energy and allows users to get rid of batteries and gensets thus eliminating fuel logistics, heavy maintenance, frequent substitution and fuel price uncertainty.

ACTA POWER is ideal for remote, off-grid sites.

ACTA POWER is a compact system containing a fuel cell, electrolyser and energy management.
The electrolyser is based on Acta’s own patented technology. For the fuel cell system components, Acta has chosen the well-established and technically advanced fuel cell system of FutureE, which is based on a Ballard fuel cell stack. The system also incorporates a communication and remote control module for extensive data-logging, remote upgrades and alarms. The system is built to meet telecom industry standards.