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Back-up power

The challenge
Traditionally, diesel gensets are used for providing back-up power. However, with the price of diesel being uncertain, but very likely to be ever-increasing, and the amount of diesel theft, not to mention the logistical costs of bringing the diesel to the often remote sites, industries such as the telecom industry are looking for more efficient, clean solutions to replace diesel.

Acta’s Solution
Acta designs and manufactures hydrogen generators for integrators to use in their back-up power solution, as well as its own ‘Acta Power’; an integrated hydrogen fuel cell back-up power solution.

Acta’s electrolysers allow for hydrogen production to happen on-site, directly from renewables, using filtered rainwater, eliminating fuel logistics and making the system low maintenance and independent. There is no limit on how much hydrogen you can produce and store, so all the renewable energy can be fully optimized, as opposed to batteries, which are full after 3 hours.

With Acta’s electrolysers or integrated back-up power system, remote off-grid sites have a lower total cost of ownership than diesel generators and batteries.