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Hydrogen Generator demonstrated by Abengoa

ACTA S.P.A., the hydrogen energy company, announces that Spanish clean technology company Abengoa has installed one of the Company’s electrolyser hydrogen generators at its Palmas Altas campus in Seville.


The ACTA EL500 electrolyser, is part of a demonstration project called “El Tubo” (the pipe), which is visited by students, research institutions and potential customers to demonstrate the practical application of electrolyser and fuel cells to reduce electricity consumption from the grid.


Electricity produced by photovoltaic solar panels is converted into hydrogen by the ACTA EL500 electrolyser and stored onsite in metal hydride canisters. When required, the hydrogen is converted back to electricity through a Ballard fuel cell.

The completed installation can be seen below:


By participating in the project, Acta is able to demonstrate the benefits of its independent solutions for remote, off-grid sites powered by renewable energy.