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    EL 250/500/1000

    Acta's Rack mountable electrolyser series


    Acta’s electrolysers produce clean, dry and directly compressed hydrogen through a patented alkaline solid polymeric electrolytic process.

    Rack mountable for extreme flexibility, Acta’s EL series electrolysers are available in three different sizes:  250 l/h, 500 l/h and 1000 l/h, to satisfy a wide range of applications.

    Acta’s electrolysers can be remotely controlled, and they can run in complete autonomy, with maximum safety, simply by connecting an external water tank (optional). The systems can be fed by rainwater and powered from the grid, bad grid or from renewables.

    Acta’s electrolytic process is based on an Alkaline Solid Polymeric Membrane, which combines the benefits of PEM electrolysis (functioning with 0%-100% power supply available, no hydrogen compression required, small footprint, no use of KOH), with the benefits of the alkaline electrolysis (no need of noble metals, no need of ultrapure water,  low system cost). Furthermore, Acta’s electrolysers are easy to install, use and to integrate with other appliances, such as fuel cells.

    Options available

    • Web server interface, remote monitoring on VPN server, remote firmware update, GSM remote manager
    • External water tank
    • Hydrogen tank
    • Rain water purification module
    • Rack cabinet indoor /outdoor
    • Dryer


    Please refer to the datasheet to find all the details on Acta’s electrolysers range.