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    Acta Power Cube


    ACTA POWER CUBE self-recharging fuel cell system is designed specifically for small-scale backup power applications within the railroad, telecommunications, transportation, security and government sectors.

    ACTA POWER CUBE provides clean, reliable energy and allows users to avoid the maintenance and frequent substitution of batteries, and the cost and logistics of hydrogen cylinders.

    ACTA POWER CUBE uses an Acta electrolyser for the autonomous on-board generation of hydrogen. When powered by renewables, eliminates completely the need for refueling, while drastically reducing overall operating costs and expensive maintenance visits. Incorporates ReliOn’s E-200fuel cell for high reliability, low operating costs and easy maintenance.

    ACTA POWER CUBE is a compact 19” rack mountable system that incorporates its own energy management and GSM communication.


    • Self-recharging fuel cell system generating its own fuel from water
    • Provide thousands of hours of highly reliable runtime for critical equipment.
    • Available with a 100L/h Electrolyser (250L/h optional) and 200W Fuel Cell (1100 optional) power output in the same cabinet
    • Available both in indoor and outdoor versions, depending on applications (roof-top, urban, rural)
    • Works grid-connected or powered by renewables (solar, wind) in both off-grid and on-grid applications
    • Power management and GSM wireless communication with webserver interface for complete remote system management and control.
    • The highest hydrogenproduction efficiencyand with the lowest hydrogen consumption per kWh produced