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    How does Acta’s technology work?

    How does Acta's technology work?

    Acta has developed an alkaline membrane electrolyser which does not need a noble metal catalyst. This means that it costs only a third as much as typical (acidic) platinum catalyst electrolysers (PEM), the only other type of electrolysers on the… view details >

    How does the Acta Power work?

    The electrolyser produces hydrogen from water and then the fuel cell uses the hydrogen to produce electricity

    The electricity from the solar panels is used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. The system can even use filtered rainwater. The hydrogen is then stored in cylinders. When electricity is needed – for example at night when the… view details >

    How does an electrolyser work?

    The process uses an electric current to split water into hydrogen and oxygen

    The process by which we generate hydrogen (and oxygen) from water is called electrolysis. view details >